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Tools You Should Always Have in the Car

This is C & S Towing Service, Inc.’s handy and professional guide to the tools you must have in your garage or in your car for pretty much any car repair situation you might get yourself into! Go ahead and print out this list and then take it along with you to


Professional Antique Shipping in Los Angeles is Simple to Find

When we ship items that are delicate in nature, we usually use a professional company to do this for us. After all, shipping items that are sturdy in nature is one thing, but shipping items such as artwork, vases, and antiques requires an expertise that most of us simply do not have.


5 Car Breakdown Tips

There’s no telling what could happen the minute you drive down the street. Mornings can start off fine, your mood happy, your coffee hot. But then your car dies on you in the middle of the road! While that’s not the best way to jumpstart your day, here are a few tips