A Storage Container on Long Island Will Solve Many Needs for Storage

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Transportation

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A movers and storage firm that serves Long Island and New York City has the ideal combination of a storage container that can be stored for moving later or moving now. They also have Modular office trailer services all available on demand. Every type of modular office trailer can be provided with bathrooms, plan review tables and office space. Some can be provided that have office and storage space.

Mods has storage trailers that are mobile or stationary. They can be moved to wherever your business requires them to be. The storage trailers are ideal for excess inventory that your warehouse cannot handle. Transporting any of our storage containers or office trailers is easy and efficient and they are available on demand. They are made of steel and were originally designed for ocean cargo carrying use. They are vandal proof as anything can be.

Mods can take care of all your moving needs with:

1. Freight Service

2. Flatbed Service

3. Installation and Set-up

4. Pick-up and Deliveries

5. Relocation

6. Crane Service

7. Rigging of difficult units

Mods can move any portable unit. The technical staff at Mods know how to lift up and load any storage unit.  The road mobile units are made to transport inventory to a loading dock or other similar location where the unit needs have flexible access.

A Storage Container on Long Island can be the solution for many needs besides storage and office space. They can be converted to classrooms and to uses that are requiring space that can be climate controlled and accessible.

Mods offers a variety of customized features for businesses that have a need for something additional:
Choose from this list of standard modifications:

1. Roll-up doors

2. Additional ventilation

3. Panic door/swing door

4. Partition walls

5. Lock box

6. Windows

7. Office conversions

8. Size conversions

9. Specific paint treatments