Keep Your Home Comfortable With Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Glenview

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Heating & Air Conditioning

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Your central heating and air conditioning system is an expensive purchase that is designed to heat and cool your home for many years. However, it takes some work on your part to keep it going. The simplest service the home-owner performs on their central air or HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems is the changing or cleaning of the filter, but even this is important. If the filter isn’t cleaned regularly the cooling coil behind it can clog with dirt reducing the flow of air through the system. This is especially noticeable when the A/C portion of the unit is operating.

Most HVAC systems should have routine air conditioning maintenance Glen view twice a year. Sometime before summer hits the system should be serviced for the air conditioning portion. This maintenance involves cleaning the unit’s indoor coil if required, testing the coolant level to be sure it’s properly charged and routine checks on the systems electronics.

The heating portion of the maintenance should be performed sometime before winter. It’s best to have these services done at these times because the summer and winter months are usually busier for the HVAC technicians which could mean delays in them getting to your home. This winter maintenance is usually to ensure the heating element in electric system work properly or the burner in the gas system functions as designed. The technicians should also check any ignition sources in gas based systems.

Another source of problems for some air conditioning systems is the blower. These fans can pick up a lot of dirt over the years which can make them lose efficiency. Once the dirt starts to build up on the fan’s vanes it reduces the amount of air that it can push through the forced air system. To fix this particular problem the fan will need to be removed to get to the squirrel cage that circulates the air. Usually a stiff wire brush can clean the vanes and restore the proper air flow.

Selecting your air conditioning maintenance contractor in Glenview shouldn’t be a difficult choice. However, smart contractors such as Business Name know that the best way to win over customers is to provide a free consultation on their HVAC maintenance concerns.