Law Firm Specializing in Bankruptcy Wants You to Meet injury attorney In Portland

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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When personal injury occurs in the life of you as an individual or group of individuals as the case at times may be, you sometimes find yourselves in that state of financial disarray as a result of the damage incurred. Depending on the extent of the trauma sustained, such financial loss may cause you to go into bankruptcy, chapter 7 or 13. When you reach the point of bankruptcy, surely major stress has taken hold and you need legal representation. How nice it would be if you could find a law firm that understands both your bankruptcy and personal injury needs. There is a law firm specializing in bankruptcy that wants you to Meet injury attorney In Portland, Oregon.

There is no need to continue to live under stress. Stress, no matter from where it stems, causes your illness to be sustained. Your personal injury will undoubtedly cause your medical bills to increase; if you have inadequate health insurance or none and you cannot afford to pay on time, the damage now extends not only to the injury you received but now affects your credit rating also. There is no need to continue to suffer in silence anymore, unsure of what to do. Perhaps you were a college student with major student loans and your injury has kept you from paying your loans. There is chapter 13 bankruptcy to cover that as well. Why not get with an agency, reorganize your debt payment plan and stop the collection agencies from ruining your life? Why continue to be in financial straits as well as physical straits with your injury?

If you are in Vancouver, Washington or Portland,Oregon, there is a law firm that really wants you to Meet injury attorney In Portland. Horak & Boyd specializes in personal injury, insurance disputes, wrongful death, will & estate planning and of course bankruptcy. They want you to know that they are committed to insuring your financial health is rehabilitated. There is no need to get one attorney for your personal injury and another one for your financial or bankruptcy woes. Get the firm that will be able to aid you with both.