What Is Child Custody Law?

by | Apr 15, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Child custody law is that aspect of family law that is concerned with who is going to be responsible for looking after a child when a divorce or other separation is settled in the courts. The term custody refers to where the child will have his or her main residence. Across the world from Pottstown, PA to Lisbon, the preference is that both parents settle as amicably as possible, they put aside their negative feelings for each other and consider their options from the point of view of what is best for the child. In almost all cases the preferred option is some kind of joint custody agreement and parents in this context are expected to organize these themselves. If however, such an agreement becomes impossible, the courts will make the decision which may adversely affect the most important individual, the child.

Joint Custody

A bitter custody battle will undoubtedly affect any child and as such no parties involved will escape unscathed. For this reason most custody battles end amicably with an agreement between parents being sanctioned by the courts. Without equating money to the well-being of the child some kind of financial commitment (consummate of circumstance) will be considered in the final settlement. In addition both parents must be aware that they will be assessed objectively and this will have a bearing on where the child will spend most of their time. In short responsible parents will realize that the child is the center of any decision in joint custody decision. It is worth mentioning that a custody dispute can involve grandparents from either side of the child’s family, although this would only become a factor in very specific circumstances.

Joint custody and society

There is nothing in the law which specifically says that a child should live with either parent. Parents need to remember that there are plenty of single parents of both genders and that there case for custody should not reflect what suits them, but what is best for the child. Joint custody also considers the simple fact that most of us have a variable work schedule which must be factored into any regime that is designed to care for the child in the best possible way. It seems reasonable that all obligations pertaining to the welfare of the child should be divided appropriately. Visit website for more information.