An Experienced DUI Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS can Save Your Future

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Criminal Defense

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Hattiesburg is a lovely old Southern town, full of friendly folks proud of their history and enjoying good friends and good food. Sometimes a pleasant evening can involve one or two drinks too many and end with driving too fast on the way home. The officer is polite but insistent, saying he believes you have been drinking. Not long after that, the car is left behind parked on the shoulder. Everything seems to be happening too quickly now. It doesn’t take long to reach the police station.

It quickly sinks in that this is trouble. Everyone will find out, the people at church, customers at the store, friends and family. Especially family. Wishing for a do-over won’t make this go away. It’s time to get a good lawyer and find out what will happen and what to do now.

The lawyer explains that even though this is a first offense, there are consequences. The state will suspend the driver’s license for 90 days. Conviction will mean two days in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. They will also require attending an alcohol and victim impact program. Then the lawyer emphasizes that becoming a repeat offender could result in spending one year in jail; that is the penalty for three DUI convictions in five years. The lawyer will examine the details of this case and ensure that no constitution rights have been violated and that the correct police procedures were followed. The process can be complicated; it’s good to have an experienced attorney on your side.

T. Michael Reed, P.A. has been representing clients as a criminal defense and personal injury attorney since 1998. He vigorously defends the rights of all of his clients, whether he is defending them in a criminal case or practicing as a DUI Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS. He understands the law thoroughly and is completely prepared to litigate as required.

People trying to recover from a devastating injury or loss can be assured he will use all of his skills to enable them to receive everything that they are due. Anyone charged with a DUI and needing a DUI Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS should Contact Mr. Reed. He understands how important every client is.

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