Arranging the best family friendly vacation

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Transportation

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When you have decided on a beach vacation, the most important element is where you stay. Before the baby came along the choices that were available were different than they are now that you have a family to consider. Instead of making your hotel choice based on who had the biggest Jacuzzi, you have to choose your Tampa Bay beachfront hotels based on a whole new criteria. Now you will be taking into account baby sitter service to kid’s meals. If you are new parents, here are a few tips that will help you get have the best vacation with your baby.

Ask around: Now that you are new parents you probably have a mom and dad network that you are part of. Although there are plenty of hotels and resorts, ask for recommendations from parents who have had recent experiences. No doubt you have many friends with families, you can also ask parents that you know at day care and playgroups.

Use the internet: If you struck out and didn’t get a recommendation that met with your unique needs then head to the internet. There are many travel related sites that can give you the lowdown and details of the best Tampa Bay beachfront hotels. Once you get to the web site of the hotel you will quickly know if they are family friendly.

Info on babysitters: Going on vacation with your family is great, but not 24 hours a day. A vacation should be for every family member, the kids get the day and you get the night. If you want to simply go for a long walk on the beach on a beautiful moonlit evening then you should be able to do it. Get in touch with the resort hotel that you are considering and get the details on how long their baby sitters have been with the company, do they know basic first aid and do you pay direct or does the fee get added to the bill.

Get the right room: Make sure the room which you want is available. Having a mini-kitchen may be important so you can make sure the kids get a snack when they want one, maybe a tub as well as a shower is important for bathing the children.

Remember that the vacation is for everybody now so get a room with a balcony or patio so you can sit in the evenings without waking the kids.

When you check out Tampa Bay beachfront hotels, The Beachcomber Beach Resort Hotel has a great family plan, children 17 and under stay for free.