Beautiful Back Splash Ideas for your Kitchen

by | Dec 6, 2013 | Kitchen & Baths

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When you are undergoing the Kitchen Remodeling New City, NY home owners look forward to your back splash will be one of the focal points that really have to work well with your overall design. Here are some of the latest styles and trends that create stunning kitchens.

A Myriad of Mosaics

Mosaic tiles are small tiles that work together to create lovely back splashes. You can find them in every possible style, color and material from glass to natural stone and porcelain and ceramics. They are easy to install as they come in sheets so this can often save some money if having them installed professionally. Mosaics work will on their own, but you can also use them with larger tiles to create one of a kind looks. They work well in strips, smaller squares and even on the diagonal to create some really exceptional designs.

Sublime Subway Tiles

Subway tile gets its name as it is the classic layout and configuration of the tiles used in subway stations around the world. They are usually installed staggered however a new trend is to place them one on top of the other and to align them on the vertical and horizontal. They also now come in far more sizes, but what distinguishes them from other tiles is they are always rectangular. There are many materials used for subway tiles from the classic in porcelain and ceramic, as well as more modern choices from glass to even stainless steel. Basic white is very popular and you can also mix and match them with accent tiles.

Nature’s Bounty in Stone and Marble

Natural tiles are always on trend and provide a high end look to both counters and backsplashes. They are more expensive, but this is reflected in the look of the tile. There are too many options to cover, but like other tile choices you have a bounty of options. You can find large slabs are very popular for natural stone and marble backsplashes for a seamless look.

Classic Porcelain and Ceramics

Porcelain and ceramic have always been the go to tiles for kitchen remodelling New City, NY undergo. They offer just about every option you can imagine and even can provide the look of natural stone and marble at a fraction of the cost. You will not find another tile that offers as many color and design options as ceramic and porcelain tile which come in every texture, pattern, shape and size imaginable. Visit .