Benefit of a Using a Self-propelled Boat Trailer

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Automotive

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A self-propelled boat trailer has advantages over other types of boat movers. Although it has the same basic features of any hydraulic trailer, it comes with its self-drive operating unit. It’s not really a trailer because it does not require anything to pull it from place to place.

Self-drive boat trailers have all the standard features to be found on any hydraulic trailer, and have the option for all the same extras. There is a range of models available, which means you can easily find a self-drive boat mover to suit your personal boating or business requirements.

Main Advantages

Boat transportation is easier and faster, because there is less handling involved and the trailer on its own has greater maneuverability than a standard model which has to be pulled by another vehicle. It therefore saves a lot of space and cuts down on the number of boat handling hours.

Another benefit of using a self-driven boat mover is when you are in the operator’s position you have full 360 degree visibility, which you can never have when pulling a standard trailer.

A self-propelled boat trailer will pay for itself in the amount of time and labor it saves when blocking, loading and transporting boats. In a busy boatyard or a storage facility which is already filled with boats, there is an obvious advantage in the space-saving qualities of a boat mover with a self-drive. Using a self-drive boat mover can actually increase storage capacity by as much as 30%.

Performance and Stability

Boats up to 85 feet in length and up to 200,000 lbs can be handled by a high performance self-drive trailer. Weight distribution provides an even amount of traction for all four wheels on this type of boat mover, so it’s extremely stable and suitable for use on almost every type of terrain. The drive unit which propels a self-drive boat mover is very powerful, so it can handle various gradients and loose gravel surfaces. There is also the option of having a submersible model.

Choosing a Self-Driver Hydraulic Boat Mover

There are no real disadvantages to choosing a self-propelled boat trailer over a conventional hydraulic boat trailer which requires pulling. The higher price of a self-drive is easily repaid by freeing up extra space and saving a significant amount of time and labor.

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