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If you have tour to visit, a wedding to attend or important business trip to cover, bus services can be a good option. Bus services are excellent for short and group trips. Sitting on those comfortable seats and enjoying the scenery, bus trips can be a memorable experience. This mode of transport has been one of the most reliable ones since ages. Check out the types of buses that run in transport Industry.

Tour Buses : These are usually double decker bus used to roam around in the city. Many transport services provide tour buses to groups, like friends, family, couples on a vacation.

Couch Buses: These are used for long teams. They are quite formal looking with excellent seatings. Professional players or sportsmen are usually seen traveling these buses. Transport Services provide a logo of a particular sports team or college team as a mark of identity. It provides facility like TV along with decorations matching the logo. College and University students use this bus.

School Buses: Tiny seats and windows are the highlights of school bus. The seats are plenty in number to occupy the tiny toddlers. Transport services these days ensure that bus is the safe ride for kids. Many precautionary measures like emergency windows or doors are also installed.

Shuttle Buses: These kinds of buses are used in private companies. Shuttle buses run door to door to pick up the employees and drop them to their respective offices vice versa. College Students, Non Profit Organizations and Old Age homes use these buses frequently.

Private buses are also known as charter buses. Transport Industry provides remarkable service like air conditioning, reclining chairs, catering services and so on. In transport Industry these service are negotiable but meet the need of the clients in every way. It is something you can count on.