Checking Out so That You Can Check Guests In at Your New Hotel

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Movers

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If you’ve made the decision to open a new hotel, you’re going to need to move the contents of your current hotel to the new building. Keep in mind that not everything needs to go to the new facility as you want guests to have a new experience when they stay at the property. Here are a few tips for working with hotel movers in Charleston, SC, that can make the process a bit easier for guests and employees.

Checking Out
Before you begin moving to a different hotel, you need to let current guests know the last day that the hotel will be open. You need to give guests plenty of time to get their belongings from their rooms and find another hotel to stay at if they have been in an extended stay situation. If possible, try to let guests who have been in the hotel for several days or weeks have the first choice of the room they want at the new hotel. Make sure you have settled all of the outstanding bills before closing the hotel.

Emptying the Rooms
When using hotel movers in Charleston, SC, you need to try to get all of the rooms emptied first before moving anything else to the new building. If there are items that are in good condition and that can be reused, then take those items to the new hotel. However, avoid taking mattresses and box springs as you want to get fresh items when possible for the new rooms. If the building is being torn down, then consider selling some of the furniture to help with moving expenses or other expenses that you have.

Office Supplies
Don’t forget to move the office equipment and all of the paperwork that you have to the new hotel. You’re going to want to maintain records of previous guests as well as guests who have upcoming reservations for at least a few months until everything is filed in a computer system.

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