Hiring Movers In Houston: What Consumers Need To Know

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Movers

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Understanding what to expect with regards to paperwork and contracts from movers in Houston is an important part of booking a move. The top companies have drivers and move coordinators who spend time reviewing the required and necessary paperwork with each customer so there are no surprises or uncertainties about what is happening.

The Estimate

All movers in Houston contacted over the phone or those arriving at a residence or commercial property to provide a quote for the move should provide their estimate in writing. This estimate or quote may provide a guaranteed price or a maximum price containing the term “not to exceed”.

This estimate should include any special services the customer requests. Special services may include custom packing of specific items or the request to drop materials at a storage facility. You may have to provide the movers in Houston with information on the destination of the move including if there are stairs, if the driveway can accommodate the truck and other types of information impacting the cost of the move.


Valuation is not the same as insurance, but everyone has the option to obtain additional insurance for the move. All licensed movers in Houston are required to provide a liability of 60 cents per pound per item for any move. High-value items must be listed separately, and additional coverage costs will apply to these items if the customer so chooses.


At the time of the move, movers in Houston are required to present the customer with a written and complete signed and dated contract. This contract should contain all the services provided for the move. At the completion of the move, a final contract will be provided to the customer which includes a breakdown of the charges.

Contracts can be changed as necessary on the date of the move or during the move, but they will require the signature of both the representative for the movers in Houston as well as the customer. Most moves will not require any changes to the contract, but delays in getting into the new home or the need for temporary storage through the moving company are examples of possible changes.

The top movers in Houston are always proactive about working with customers with regards to paperwork and necessary information. They will also provide you with written information about Texas law, moving companies and your rights as a consumer.