Elevator Maintenance Means Increased Efficiency and Safety

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Business

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When it comes to avoiding crises, it’s always better for you to anticipate problems than to have to react to them. That is why it is so critical to have regular, thorough, professional inspections done on all of your elevator systems. Spotting a potential issue and getting it taken care of before it becomes a major expense to you and a major inconvenience to your tenants just makes good economic sense. Proper Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC doesn’t just mean a quick look to see if everything is operational; it should include shaft maintenance, door maintenance, and cabin maintenance, as well as maintenance and servicing of all elevator equipment, whether it’s a traction system or a hydraulic system. This not only keeps your systems running safely and smoothly; it means that people don’t have long waits for an available car or need to pack themselves into an over-crowded elevator to get where they need to go.

During a complete renovation, the infrastructure of a building is usually upgraded to incorporate things like increased power availability, network cabling, advanced security systems, and increased telecommunications capabilities; many times, the elevator systems in these buildings are overlooked and that can lead to problems later on. These systems need more attention, since they are such an integral part of any building. They not only provide transportation for tenants, clients, and customers; they also make up an important part of a building’s internal structural integrity. Shafts need to be not just functional, but structurally sound, as well. While your elevator systems are being inspected and maintained, these aspects of their operation need to be checked, as well.

Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC may, eventually, lead to the need for upgrading, if certain components have finally succumbed to time and traffic. Even if all of the behind-the-scenes equipment is working perfectly, if the cabs have become degraded over the years, they will need to be replaced and the same highly-skilled technicians who do your maintenance can handle this task, too. Fully-insured and licensed, they can deal with any number of issues that may arise during regular system maintenance, like overheating systems, increased energy use, noticeably slowed response times, as well as repairs to the basic traction or hydraulic systems.

Elevator Technologies, Inc. has the trained technicians, tools, equipment, and experience to take on the maintenance of your elevator systems. They offer a variety of services as well as 24/7 emergency availability.