Keep Boat Docking and Storage Safe and Simple: Options to Consider

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Business

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For a safe, accessible and high-quality boat dock in Buford, GA, there is absolutely no location that beats Lake Lanier. Seasoned boating enthusiasts and more than 55 years of boating, sales, repair and docking experience make this local favorite the obvious, resounding choice. Here are some other reasons why.

Unbeatable Customer Service and Postcard-Worthy Resort Beauty

Lake Lanier guests become extended family members, enjoying personal interaction, prompt attention and casual camaraderie with other boat enthusiasts. They also get to enjoy the best boat dock in Buford, GA. The local marina sits on the picturesque reservoir called Lake Lanier, a fixture of the Lanier Islands resort. Manicured grounds provide a breathtaking backdrop, and on-site security ensures that your boat always remains safely put.

In-Water: Tons of Docks and Slips to Choose From

Take your pick of 16 docks, accessible via plenty of parking and comfortable walking paths. Peruse in-water storage and dry-stack storage. In-water storage at each dock typically includes at least a dozen covered slips and a handful of uncovered slips. A central walkway makes navigating the dock easy, with wide fingers for comfortable boarding and disembarking.

Partitions between boats prevent any inadvertent collisions. Spacious, heated and air-conditioned bathhouses let you and guests freshen up before or after boating excursions. Each dock also has its own electrical outlets to charge devices and tools as needed.

Dry-stack Storage

Dry-stack storage options for boats up to 25 feet let you keep your boat out of the water but ready to use at a moment’s notice. The dry-stack boat dock in Buford, GA, is fully enclosed to protect your boat from the elements. Short-term leasing is a cinch to set up. Using your boat whenever you want merely requires a phone call in advance, and staff readies your boat for usage well before you arrive.

Explore in-water and dry-stack storage constructed for specific boat types, such as cuddies, runabouts, pontoons, cruisers and small flybridge boats.