Finally a Shop That Offers Quality Care in Auto Body in Falcon, CO

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Autos

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If you have ever experienced a car accident of minor or major proportion, you will understand how daunting the process can be to recover from such an incident and how stressful it can be to repair your vehicle in a timely manner. Finding a Body and Fender Shop that is trustworthy and cost effective can be difficult at times. However there is a shop that offers repairs in Auto Body in Falcon, CO that will assist you in your process of recovery. That shop is The Body and Fender Shop.

Owned and operated by Mr. Jeff Berndsen, The Body and Fender Shop specializes in ensuring each customer is 100% satisfied with the work that is performed on their vehicles as well as delivering quality customer service. Accredited in 1995 with the Better Business Bureau, The Body and Fender shop has received an A+ rating for its quality of service and its efforts in resolving customer complaints. With over 30 years of experience The Body and Fender shop is becoming an elite competitor when it comes to repairs to Auto Body in Falcon, Co.

All service technicians have earned Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) credentials and have received Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) certification. Services that are offered include auto body repair that ranges from minor dents to major repairs. Each service begins with a free estimate. The Body and Fender Shop collaborate closely with various insurance agencies to ensure quality work and fair pricing. They also conduct repairs on various weather related damages such as hail damage and debris destruction.

A special service that is offered is their restoration repair service for classic vehicles. The Body Fender Shop will ensure your car receive quality parts in order to make it operational. They will remove any rust and fully repair any visible body and fender damage. A meticulous paint job that is sure to turn heads is the final step of the process. Labor cost is discussed during the initial consultation to ensure the customer understands the procedure and the cost involved. The Body Fender Shop is the place to take your car if you want to save money, time and your car.