Finding Auto Transporters Quotes And Other Basic Shipping Facts

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Moving & Storage Service

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Shipping your vehicle consists of different actions you need to take. If you are uncertain on such things as how to obtain auto transporters quotes or prepare your vehicle for shipping, the entire process can be quite challenging. In order to prepare yourself and your car for shipping, you need to adopt a proactive and methodical approach. Be certain to be thorough in your research and be orderly in your records.


If you decide to ship your vehicle, the first thing you need to do is create a list of what you expect from the transport firm. It should include such things as:

  • Planned date of pick-up and delivery
  • Type of transport options, e.g. open, enclosed
  • Vehicle model/size and condition

Without this information, you cannot fill in the forms to generate the auto transporter quotes you need to help narrow down the list of potential transporters.


Go online, type in one of several keywords in the search engine. This can be “car shipping” or “auto transport.” Select several from the list and visit their websites.

Note the information. Note their location and fill in the onsite quote form. Read reviews both on and off the site. Check out their standing with any affiliated association.


Compile the information. Compare the different quotes on your own. You can also consult one of the several online sites with specific tools for comparing the quotes of various auto transporters. A comparison allows you to narrow further the possibilities.

Last Steps re Auto Transport Quotes and Other Pertinent Information

When you have enough information on one or two shipping companies, take the time to contact them personally. E-mail or phone but make certain you are communicating with the company and not an agent. Ask questions about its auto transport quotes, the company, and its specific services. Gather all the information you need to make a decision. Mull over what you know and decide.