7 Ways to Cut Down on Moving Day Hassle

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Moving Services

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There’s no easy way to prepare for moving day. But while you can expect the experience to be hectic, here are several ways you can reduce the hassle and stress.

Ditch the DIY

If you’re after convenience, then get pros. Look for long-distance movers in Calabasas CA. With a team of moving experts, you’ll get everything off to a good start.

Hire the right crew

Not all moving firms are equal. If you’re relocating a fair bit of distance, engage the services of long-distance movers in Calabasas CA to handle everything.

Ask about the services

What kind of services will the firm provide? Will they disassemble the furniture? Will they do the heavy lifting? Will they pack and unpack your belongings and furniture pieces? Be clear about the services they’ll cover.

Check for extra costs

You could incur additional charges if the move requires the crew to use stairs or elevators. Talk to the firm about it. Ask what other factors may lead to extra charges. That way, you can adjust your budget accordingly. That also means you won’t find yourself dealing with any surprises on moving day.

Prepare a schedule

Track your progress, the House Network says. Are you on schedule or are you a bit behind? Put together a moving schedule and use that as a guide.

Set aside everything

If you’re hiring packing assistance, start grouping everything that goes together. For instance, put all the things and appliances for the kitchen in one pile or room. Do the same for all the items, furniture and appliances for all the other rooms.

Remember the labels

Whether you’re packing everything or hiring the firm, make sure the boxes are labeled properly, especially if there are fragile items instead. The labels will remind the crew to be extra careful, ensuring zero damage to your belongings.