How to Certify Your Shipment with Arrive Safely with Customized Crating

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Moving Services

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From priceless artwork to family heirlooms, when it comes to shipping valuable items whether locally or internationally. You want to retain the services of a professional company such as Art Pack to assure your property will arrive safely and on time. How your property is handled during the packaging and shipping process can determine whether the item will remain undamaged while being transported to its new destination. When shipping valuable artifacts, furnishings, or other expensive items customized crating can minimize the risk of the property being damaged during transportation. Experienced in art shipping and crating in Orange County, Art Pack offers the services you are looking for to safely transport your property.

Reasons to Select a Personalized Crating Service

  • Customized art shipping and crating in Orange County is tailored to meet the safety needs of a specific item to ensure the property does not shift during transportation.
  • A tailored crate can be created to fit any size of an artifact, furnishing, or family heirloom to ensure it fits properly in the crate.
  • The right packaging material such as peanuts, straps, foam or bubble wrap is selected to fill in open spaces of the crate to prevent the item from shifting while being moved.
  • Depending on the type of crate built and material used, it can be reused when the item needs to be relocated in the future.

Ease Your Mind with an Experienced Shipping Company

Art Pack has been offering expert services to their clients for over 25 years to help them find the right solution for their shipping needs. Whether you need to transport a priceless art exhibit or relocating to a new home, they offer the experience and skills you require to adequality shop your property safely. They work with each client to find a solution that remains budget-friendly without sacrificing the quality of workmanship they offer.