How To Find A Replacement For Your Queen Mattress In Beaumont, TX

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Home Improvement

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Of the more popular choices of mattresses these days it is a close race between the coil spring mattress and a memory foam, however, don’t let these more popular choices mean you don’t have additional options. There are still plenty more options to choose from if you have 15 to 20 minutes each to test each one. You don’t have to know about every brand to get the basic recommended queen mattress in Beaumont.

First, assess your own sleeping needs. What type of bed are you currently sleeping on? Did it last the recommended ten year life cycle that a bed that is properly treated have? If you let your children bounce on the bed while singing about monkeys and forgot to rotate your mattress during the first 3 months you slept on it, then you can’t blame the bed for failing before its time. If your bed has been good to you, a good place to start your research is in your own bedroom.

After you have assessed your needs and perhaps you are ready for a switch then consider one of the more popular choices as they are popular for a reason. Don’t let the sales people talk you into more than you may need. Some of the top doctors in the field compared some of the more common brands with a relatively little difference between them. Recommendations are that you don’t necessarily need more than 360 coils in a bed and that there is a center support to keep the longevity.

The coil beds are the most popular but that is closely being followed by the memory foam type of mattress. With a coil bed you may have a hard time picking a firmness that fits your needs for the different people that have to adjust to the bed. A common number is to buy a bed on the lower end of the firm scale somewhere between a five and six rating. The memory foam mattress does not need to be individualized in terms of foam as it adjusts to the different types that are on it. The downfall is that the material can be a bit of a temperature problem in that it does not release freely.