Is there a Tooth Fairy?

by | Mar 29, 2014 | Dentist

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Ordinarily the only connection a dentist has to the tooth fairy is that they are generally responsible for pulling the tooth that goes under the pillow for the tooth fairy that night. The tooth fairy is a famous mythical or fantasy figure that parents teach their children about in many countries around the world. The myth began in Europe when it became customary to for parents to put a gift or some money beneath the pillow of their child when they lost their sixth tooth. In other parts of Europe the custom was traditional on the loss of the first tooth. Depending on the currency of the country the gift would vary. In England the gift would probably be a ha’penny—a half a penny—rising to a threepenny piece during the 1950’s and then a sixpence piece in the 1970’s. In the United States the early fees might have been a cent, a nickel or a dime, rising to a dollar. Nowadays the average for the United States $3.70for each tooth, no doubt due to inflation.

Is your Dentist the Tooth Fairy?

A dentist in Austin TX might claim that they are a close friend of the tooth fairy for the purpose of making a child feel more comfortable. Many dentists understand that children are terrified of them and they collude with the parents to put the children at ease. The dentist will suggest to the child that once the tooth is removed they will give it to their parents so that the tooth fairy can come and collect it. They might also suggest that if the child behaves they will in a good word for the child. This is an indication that the parents should consider a slightly higher amount for the gift because of the good behavior of the child. It is easier for the dentist to create the illusion for the child simply because the belief is strong enough to invoke better behavior and the child will be hopeful of receiving a higher reward for their positive attitude at the dentist. There are limits to how old a child should be before the parents tell them the truth about the tooth fairy, but regardless of that it is safe to say that even though a dentist may sometimes cause a little discomfort or pain they are always doing their very best to help the child have good teeth.

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