Marble Countertops in Hays KS and The Right Design Choices for Your Rental Property

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Home & Garden

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How long did it take you to find your investment property? Where you happy to find it, but now that you have it, are you concerned with how to remodel the kitchen? In order to get the best return for your rental investment, it is smart to make the right choices in terms of what materials to use in the kitchen. For example, low-end kitchen remodels will not generate the type of rental dollars that a high-end kitchen remodel do. So, if you want to generate better profits, you need to decide on which options are best. In terms of the countertops, one of the best options is Marble Countertops Hays KS. Further, it comes in a variety of colors and pattern to coordinate with the kitchen cabinetry.

If you are going with dark cabinetry, it is smart to use a Marble Countertops Hays KS that feature green as the dominant color. By doing this, you will bring in classic elegance and charm to the kitchen. If you think the color will be too dark for the cabinetry, think again. It will provide you with a wonderful landscape of color that will remind you of the outdoors. Thus, the dark wood in the cabinetry will remind you of trees and the marble will remind you of the grass.

When you combine colors that complement each other in nature, you bring elegance and artistry into your design. However, if green still is not to your liking, then go with white marble that features gray veining. It will look amazing on white or black cabinetry. No matter what you decide, the end design will look fantastic.

When you walk through a design center with a consultant, you will be able to put different options together to help narrow down your choices. Take your time and explore colors. High-end kitchen design does not mean you have to stay in the tan color family. You can branch out more than you think. For more remodeling ideas and information, you can view pictures and information online.