Reasons You May Need Physical Therapists Merrick NY

by | Nov 16, 2013 | Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapists Merrick NY can help patients recover from conditions that have left them unable to function normally. The purpose of physical therapy is to help individuals who have medical conditions that limit their ability to do normal and everyday things. It would also be normal for you to be recommended to Physical Therapists Merrick NY if you have spent a long period of time in a cast or in a hospital bed. This is because when you stop using parts of your body for long periods of time it is not easy for you to just stand up one day and start using them again. You have to train your body and your brain on how to use them again. For example, it is perfectly normal for someone who spent several months in a hospital bed to need physical therapy in order to be able to walk. Some of the other reasons why a person might need physical therapy include:

  • Sports Injuries
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Surgery Complications
  • Chronic Pain or Fatigue
  • Sprains or Muscle Injuries
  • Balance Problems
  • Mobility Problems
  • Abdominal Problems
  • Brain Rehabilitation

The unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of people who hesitate to get the help of physical therapists because they think that getting physical therapy means that they are admitting there is something wrong with them. There is no shame in getting or needing therapy. Sometimes the human body needs a little help to get back on its feet. Other times the human body just needs to learn new ways to perform certain tasks.

There is no good reason why one person develops arthritis while the next person does not. Sometimes it just happens. Fortunately, there is no reason why you have to live with chronic pain or limited mobility. Physical therapists can show you other ways to perform your daily routines. Instead of looking at physical therapy as you taking it because something is wrong with you, you have to think about it as you want to get help so you can continue to live your life. You are choosing to get up and keep moving, you just need a little help to get there.