Seeing a Dentist in Riverside For the First Time

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Dentistry

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If you are seeing a new dentist for the first time, you will more than likely be multi-tasking during the visit. Not only will be you consulting with the dentist Riverside, but you will be receiving a thorough examination. While all of this is doing on, you will need to be vigilant of your surrounding and certain actions the dentist takes. You will also need to ask the dentist in Riverside certain questions to gain insight to the way he conducts his business. Both of these will contribute to your decision on whether you want to make this professional your regular dentist.

Before you see your dentist for the first time, make sure you fill out all of the patient forms so you can concentrate on other matters. When you first arrive for your appointment, look around the waiting room and reception area. You might also be able to see the interior of the office depending on the lay-out. Does the office appear neat and uncluttered? Are there dirty towels, old magazines, and unclean items strewn about? If so, this might be a sign that the dentist and his staff don’t take cleanliness seriously. This is am important aspect of maintaining a professional practice since cross-contamination is a possibility.

When you go in to see the dentist, look at the work area. Are the walls, floors, and cabinets clean? Do you see an bugs crawling around? Being pest-free and having clean walls, floors, and cabinets are the very basic standards for treating patients in an area condusive to dentistry. Also, be observant of the way the dentist Riverside handles the gloves. Does he put on a new pair every time he treats you? After he puts on a new pair of gloves, he should only touch your mouth or the sterilized instruments that he will use to treat you.

If you feel that the dentist is not practicing good hygienic measures, consider going to another dentist. Being assertive, yet polite, when asking questions is the only way you will get the answers you need to make this important decision. Your smile is one of your best assets so have it treated by the best dentist possible.