Services Provided by Dog Groomers in Naperville

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Is your dog starting to smell – well – like a dog? Are you noticing that your pooch is itching more and his fur is starting to mat? If so, you may need to seek the services of a professional groomer who can help rid your pup of that nasty odor and help curtail the itching.

Groomers perform just about every service for your pet. For example, if your dog needs his nails trimmed and you are not comfortable with the process, a groomer is happy to come in and do it for you. Or perhaps your long-coated dog needs a good shampoo and brushing. A groomer has all the capabilities to bathe your dog and then brush him down, removing all the mats in the meantime, so he looks like a new dog. Another service provided includes deshedding treatments. There are certain times throughout the year in which shedding is more prevalent, such as spring and summer. Essentially, groomers use a high-powered blow dryer to blow out the excess fur from underneath the top coat. When shedding season comes along, this fur is already gone so there is less fur on your floors. This is a treatment all long-haired dog breed owners should look in to.

Dog Grooming in Naperville also provides specialized styling and cut for your dog. Some dogs require a special type of cut, such as the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel, so you need to ensure the groomers at your shop are familiar with your breed of dog. Take the Poodle for example. There are several types of cuts available for this breed, depending on what you want. You can have a puppy cut which dictates their fur is cut close to the skin all the way around. Or, you can get the continental cut which is what most of the Poodles in the show ring have. This cut dictates you shave around the haunches and belly, but leave fur on the joints and around the neck and chest. A good groomer will be able to cut your Poodle with whatever cut you desire.

If you are looking for Dog Grooming in Naperville, be sure to ask about the services provided by the grooming shop so you are aware up front what you are paying for. Click Here to know more!