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by | Mar 11, 2014 | Payday Advance Services

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Looking for a way to get some money as soon as possible, but you don’t think that your bank will give you a loan and all your friends are tapped out? Fortunately, there are some providers of Payday loans in Reno who are both faster and more reliable than getting money from the bank or from friends and family. Payday loans were created with a couple of main goals in mind.

The first goal of payday loans is to get money into the hands of people who need it without the delays and complications typically associated with bank loans and credit union loans. Cash Oasis Payday loans in Reno are particularly relevant for the large portion of United States citizens who have previously experienced issues with their credit. No matter how good your intentions might be, sometimes payments can fall behind and your credit score takes a dive as a result. Traditional banking institutions will reject you immediately if you apply for a loan and you have a credit score that is less than stellar. Payday loan providers in Reno are not focused on your credit history, in fact they will not run a credit check at all. You payday loan provider only cares about your future, and they will take your current income and references as proof that you will make good on the loan you are taking out.

You will need to provide some information for your payday loan application but it will be quite a bit less complicated than a traditional bank loan would be. The basic information about your address, home phone number, place of employment, and your income information are needed. Bring along your proof of income (pay stubs or bank statements showing direct deposits will work well for this purpose.) You’ll also typically be asked to provide the names of a couple of references. These can be friends and family, or they can be people you work with. They will be character references, and they will not need to undergo any type of lengthy questioning.

In general the process of getting Payday Loans in Reno is a quick one. You can typically expect to get your loan in an hour or less, as long as you bring all the necessary information with you at the time of application. You will have plenty of time to repay the money, typically until your next payday. Ask your payday lender about any other questions you have!

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