The Different Precious Metals used in Jewelry

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Jewelry

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Gold has long been the source of desire since ancient times. It has driven men crazy in their pursuit of it and has been at the root of many the crime from robbery to murder. However, as time passes the trend for jewelry has turned to other precious metals growing in popularity. Understanding what makes each precious metal precious explains what drives the cost and will assist you when you Buy and Sell Jewelry and Gold Fort Myers, FL desires.

The Cost of Gold

Gold has always been expensive as it is rare. It is also difficult to mine, extract and process. These factors combined help to push the price of gold ever higher. It is also the fact that gold is malleable which makes it ideal for crafting jewelry. However, because of the softness of gold it has to be blended with other metals to make it more durable. Other metals such as silver, zinc and copper makes it easier to both scratch and bend than other precious metals. That might be one of the reasons other precious metals have become more desirable. White metals are more popular these days especially for engagement rings and wedding bands. White gold does not occur naturally and is instead a blend of gold and other alloys that give it its white appearance to match the look of platinum.

Platinum Rising

Platinum is now one of the most desirable precious metals. This is an even more precious metal with only a few hundred tons of platinum mined each year. This is what drives the price of platinum ever higher, but platinum is also far more durable than gold. Platinum does not tarnish and is used in its pure form unlike gold that requires a blend to make it durable. It is now the more desirable choice for engagement rings and wedding bands at it allows the clarity of white diamonds to remain pure.

Untarnished Tungsten

Tungsten is fast becoming popular as it does not tarnish. It maintains its high polish endlessly which has made it the choice for wedding bands especially amongst men. It is 10 times harder than highly desirable 18 carat gold. It is the single most wear resistant metal as well as the heaviest. This is why it more common for men`s rings than women`s.

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