Why You Should Check With a Jeweler When You Need Cash For Gold in Tarrytown, NY

by | Feb 26, 2014 | Jewelry

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Today the price of gold is at an all-time high, and there are plenty of businesses who will offer to buy your gold. However, they vary widely in quality, so many sellers deal directly with reliable local jewelers when they need Cash For Gold in Tarrytown, NY. Professionals, such as Michael Matthews Jewelers, offer benefits that include:

  • EXPERT APPRAISALS: Michael Mathews’ staff includes professional appraisers, who will provide a fair price for your antique, mismatched, or broken jewelry. In addition to providing cash for gold in Tarrytown NY, they will buy platinum, silver, and diamond pieces. They purchase wedding bands, watches, and more. You can also depend on them to offer precise appraisals for any valuables that you need appraised for insurance or other purposes.
  • JEWELRY REPAIR: Expert jewelers can make almost any repairs on your jewelry, including soldering chains, setting diamonds, fixing clasps, and resetting stones. They also provide expert watch repair, cleaning, and other services.
  • A TRADING OPTION: Jewelry experts will allow you to trade your valuables. Their appraisers offer the security of on-site, immediate appraisals, which allows you to get a value, so you can trade your white or black gold, diamonds, engagement rings, and more. They will also provide free estimates.
  • QUALITY SALES: Of course, you can depend on your quality jeweler to sell a range of elegant Pandora and gold jewelry, as well as high-value silver, platinum, and antique pieces. They specialize in wedding and engagement rings, in a wide variety of styles and prices, to fit every taste and budget. In addition, they carry quality lines of charms, bracelets, and watches. These include Armani, Bulova, Cartier, Citizen, Seiko, and Rolex.
  • EASY CONSULTATIONS: Whether you are interested in selling, trading, or buying jewelry, you can get information from Michael Matthews’ staff by simply logging on to their website. Getting information is as easy as choosing the Click here option that allows you to complete a contact form, and ask your questions.

Although there are many places to sell gold today, it is usually best to deal with a quality jeweler. These experts provide fair, reliable appraisals, the option to sell or trade your valuables, and a range of jewelry for sale.