The Effects of Hard Water in Your Home

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Water Treatment

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Nearly 80% of homes in the U.S. are affected by hard water. Hard water can damage your appliances, your clothing, home equipment, and even your hair. Hard water contains heavy metals and toxins such as calcium and magnesium. This can build up in your drains, and it could eventually lead to blockages of lime and other harmful things. There is a simple solution to solving your water problems, and that is to purchase a water softener. Water softeners in Fremont, NE work by removing these toxins, so that the water becomes soft enough that is won’t cause damage.

Soap Scum and Bath Rings

If you have unsightly bath rings around your tub that don’t seem to go away after excessive scrubbing, then you may have hard water. In this instance, you are left with a scum ring around the tub where the level of water reaches. Other problems associated with hard water include soap lathering. If you feel as though you use a lot of soap when in the shower, then this is a sure sign that hard water is probably present. The calcium and magnesium present in the water stops the soap from bubbling and becoming frothy. This can lead to more soap usage, and the chemicals should be treated with a water softener.

Laundry Stains

If you pull out your laundry, only to find that you have streaks of dirt on your clothes or orange spots, then this is another sign of hard water. Your clothes may fade in color, become yellow, stiff, and you may even have grey streaks on your colored material. This is caused from the metal reacting with the laundry detergent that you are using.

Dishes and Glasses

Another sign of hard water is spotting and streaks on your dishes. This is especially the case if you use a dishwasher. Crystal glasses may become tarnished with coarse yellow marks if they are exposed to the hard water for any length of time. By purchasing a water softener, you can reduce these effects by a staggering amount. You can also save yourself time and money for the future, as soft water doesn’t encourage lime scale and drain blockages.

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