Understanding The Benefits Of An Insurance Bad Faith Claims Attorney In Lafayette, IN

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Law

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An insurance bad faith claims attorney in Lafayette, IN presents clients when their insurance provider fails to provide funds for damage based on the insurance contract. In these cases, the insurance provider fails to uphold contractual obligations to the policy holder. When this occurs the policy holder or owner has the right to file a lawsuit against the insurance company based on breech of contract. If your insurance provider failed to cover or provide funds for items covered within your insurance policy contact Ball and Eggleston today.

Breech of Contract

Insurance carriers who fail to uphold their obligations to policy owners set themselves within actionable territory based on tort laws. Through these laws the insurance provider is under a contractual obligation to prove compensation based on the terms of the policy. Any failure to comply with these requirements stated within the policy is a direct breech of contract and opens the door for a lawsuit. An attorney who handles bad faith claims or contractual breeches and assist you in filing a claim.

Local Attorney

The Law Office of Ball and Eggleston provide legal representation for litigants of breech of contract and other bad faith claims filed against insurance companies. They offer assistance in upholding the contractual obligations of insurance carriers to their policy holders. Through these tort laws, policy owners have the right to file a claim against insurance providers to force them to cover the cost of items specifically listed in the insurance policy. If you are the victim of bad faith at the hands of your insurance provider, contact Ball and Eggleston at the number found at Ball-law.com.


Through insurance bad faith claims attorney in Lafayette, IN you can file a claim against negligent insurance companies that choose to attempt to fail you. Insurance companies are required to provide compensation based on the items that are covered through the individual policy. For instance, an insurance carrier who fails to provide compensation for accident victims based on the policy owned by the automobile owner who was at fault opens the door to litigation. If you have an actionable claim against your insurance carrier, contact Ball and Eggleston today.