Tips On Maintaining And Picking Air Conditioning Units In Spring TX

by | Aug 5, 2014 | Air Conditioning

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During those hot summer months, you rely heavily on your home’s A/C unit. The last thing you need is to have your unit malfunction and break down on you. This is why you need to focus on maintaining your unit and upgrading when necessary. Let’s look at a few maintenance tips and what you should look for when purchasing a new unit.

Always pay careful attention to the air handler located inside of your home. Pay attention to how it runs and sounds. A consistent mild humming sound is normal, anything else and you need to call a certified technician. Certified technicians are also used to regularly inspect Air Conditioning Units in Spring TX. If your unit is brand new, have a technician inspect it every other year. If your unit is older than four or five years, have a technician inspect it once a year until it needs to be replaced.

When it comes to maintaining the air handler you have to make sure it’s free from debris. Check out the filter that’s located inside, is it clean? The filter works to trap any dirt and debris flowing in and out of the unit. A filter that’s clogged will obstruct the flow of air, and will gradually cause the unit to work harder. Avoid this by changing the filter out every 3-4 months.

Speaking of changing, your unit will need to be changed sometime in the future. After about 10 or 15 years, Air Conditioning Units in Spring TX start to slow down. You can replace your older unit by getting a more energy efficient model. Don’t make the mistake of getting one that’s too big or too small. Units that are too small will need to work harder to cool your home. There’s a misconception that bigger A/C units are actually better. An A/C unit that’s too big for your home will cool it down too quickly, and will leave too much humidity behind. The right unit for your home will lower the temperature and remove all humidity.

These are just a few air conditioning tips you can use for your home. Remember, maintaining and keeping your unit clean is important. It’s also important to have older units inspected annually. Lastly, if you have to replace your unit, make sure you choose a new unit that’s properly sized. Visit Site for more advice on A/C units.