Understanding the Difference between Plasma and LCD TVS

by | Jan 3, 2014 | Appliances

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There are so many different TV choices on the current market, and sometimes it can become confusing to compare them all. Plasma TVs have certainly made an impact on the way we watch television, but many of us don’t understand the difference between Plasma and LCD TVs. Knowing and understanding the difference between the two could give you much better insight when you are out shopping for your next television.

Plasma TVs

Plasma televisions have pixels that are made up from cells that are phosphor lined. These cells are filled with xenon and neon gases. In each pixel there are blue, red, and green components that merge together to create the wide array of colors that we see on our television screens. The best thing about plasma TVs is that they emit very high black levels. They also have a vast array of viewing angles, and they are able to power-up much faster than LCD TVs. A plasma TV lasts for approximately 60,000 hours before the plasma burns out. Since a plasma TV emits brighter colors, the viewer will get a more cinema like experience.


LCD televisions are different to plasma because they use a transmissive type of display. The LCD lights are placed in the rear of the television, and they are powered by a diffusion panel. There are also two panels that contain fluid crystal solutions. The light travels through the crystallized solution, and the end result is a crystal clear, stunning picture on the TV screen. An LCD TV is much lighter when compared to a plasma TV, and they are also much more energy efficient. They produce less heat, so they are not as likely to “burn out”. LCD TVs are also much easier to mount onto a wall or bracket, because they are so lightweight. The prices for LCD and plasma TVs can vary greatly, depending on the quality output and the size of the screen that you want. Some come with VGA ports, while others have surround-sound outputs and additional HDMI slots. Whatever your preferences may be, you will be able to find exactly what you need and more when you shop at a reputable dealer for electronics in Laguna Niguel, CA.

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