What A Student Can Expect When Attending Truck Driving Training In Illinois

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Transportation & Logistics

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Driving a semi is not only a fun and rewarding career, but many find that it can be extremely lucrative depending on the type of loads that are hauled. To qualify to drive a tractor trailer, a student must complete a state accredited Truck Driving Training in Illinois and pass the state commercial driver’s license (CDL) test. The idea of going back to school can be overwhelming, but many find the coursework to be intriguing and are presented with a plethora of job opportunities upon completion.

Safety Training

One of the first elements of a truck driving program is safety training, which is designed to provide a student with information on the various types of hazardous materials that can be hauled, and the regulations surrounding their transport. This section will also cover state laws relating to the amount of time that a driver can spend behind a wheel and the various weight limits that exist for the different types of tractor trailers.

Basic Road Rules

The next section is designed to provide a student with skills and knowledge that will allow them to navigate a large semi on the road successfully. It will consist of a review of basic driving techniques and then further delve into the unique challenges that exist when driving a semi. This phase is designed to prepare the student for getting behind the wheel of a big rig, which is the last phase of Truck Driving Training in Illinois.

Terminal Training

Once the bookwork is done, it is time to hit the open road. Students will get hands-on practice driving in a variety of traffic conditions and road types and will have the opportunity to practice backing a semi up to a real dock. Most schools also offer basic instruction on how a trucking terminal operates, which can allow students to understand their role in the shipping process.

Driving a truck can be a great way to see the country and make a comfortable salary. The team at Star Truck Driving School offers a comprehensive program that will allow anyone to hit the open road with confidence. Call today to register for a class and take the first step in obtaining the knowledge to begin a rewarding career.