What Should I Do Before Shipping My Vehicle?

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Transportation and Logistics

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One of the most popular moves made in the United States is that of New Yorkers heading to California. This is also one of the longest moves in the contiguous United States, seeing as New York City is some 2,800 miles away from Los Angeles, California. The distance between these two cities, which are the largest and second-largest cities in the United States, makes the transportation of multiple vehicles difficult.

If you’re considering shipping a car from New York to California, make sure to do these things first.

Thoroughly document the pre-shipment condition of your vehicle

There are plenty of opportunities for your vehicle to get damaged on the 2,800-odd-mile trip from New York to California. As such, you should first document the current condition of your vehicle prior to handing it over to a vehicle transport service provider. Make sure to time and date all photographs and videos of existing damages that your car holds.

Unhook any and all expensive or personal items

If your vehicle has a global positioning system, DVD player, television, or radio that you can’t afford to lose, make sure to remove it from the vehicle before shipment. You should be able to transport such items via whatever method of travel you use to transport yourself to California, though you may need to ship them via a postal service provider.

Does your vehicle have any leaks?

In the weeks or months leading up to your shipping a car from New York to California, keep an eye out for any leaks in your vehicle’s hoses, tubes, pipes, and reservoirs. If your vehicle in fact, leak, you should inform your vehicular transport service provider of choice about them. This prevents fluids from dripping onto other vehicles being transported.