What To Expect When Using A Hands Free Toilet Seat

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Home & Garden

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We all have to use toilets at sometime during each and every day; the frequency varies from individual to individual and the nature of our need can be twofold. Unfortunately for women (in this country at least), whenever they feel either need, they are required to partially undress and sit themselves down upon a toilet seat. If that toilet is in their home, they are fully aware of its “history” – who else has been using it; how often is it cleaned; has it been disinfected recently; etc? But, should the need hit them when they are out of the home environment, they have no other option than to take the state of the toilet as they find it.

Genuine Concerns Or Phobia About Public Toilet Seats?

In the US, our mindset is such that we can never accept the concept of the so called “squat toilet”; whereby no part of your exposed body comes into contact with any part of the toilet. We demand a toilet pedestal with a bowl and a seat that we can sit upon – we are neither used to; nor will we accept, having to somehow suspend ourselves in mid air above the bowl’s rim – we need some support. Hence, we must have a toilet seat. However, when using public toilets, we then view that toilet seat with distrust – is it clean, hygienic, sanitary and safe for us to entrust our bare skin upon it?

Can We Use It With Zero Bodily Contact?

For most of us, the only way to achieve this is to place something new and trusted in between our posteriors and the surface of the seat – in other words, some sort of seat cover. Shaped, disposable covers made of paper have been available for quite some time but their provision and application can be problematical. A cheap alternative is to place lots of toilet tissue on the seat prior to sitting down but this can be messy and not totally effective. A better solution would be a seat cover that is automatically placed in position and automatically dispensed with after use. In this way, we could use what is essentially a hands free toilet seat and come away totally sure that we have not come into direct skin contact with anything left behind by the previous user.