When Does Your Child Need Pediatric Dentistry in Huntsville, AL?

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Dentist

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As your child’s parent, you work to ensure his or her health is as good as possible. This involves not only their overall health, but the health of their teeth and gums as well. If your child experiences cavities or gum disease at a young age, it can cause major problems with the health of their baby teeth and even their adult teeth. This is why good oral hygiene is so critical at this age. Many parents make the mistake of allowing their children to be in charge of their oral care routine, but it is best for the parent to perform these duties until the child is able to exhibit a mastery of brushing and flossing. Along with proper oral hygiene, your child also needs pediatric dentistry in Huntsville AL. Through the services provided by the pediatric dentist, your child’s oral health can be monitored and cared for properly.

When Should Your Child See the Dentist?

Your child should first see the dentist when he or she cuts their first tooth. This is normally around the age of one. This is the best time to begin dental care, because each of your child’s teeth are growing and beginning to cut through. By having dental care carried out at an early age, the dentist can monitor your child’s oral health and can make sure each of the teeth are growing in properly and are healthy. The dentist can also help you to keep your child’s teeth clean and monitor the gums for any signs of infection or gum disease.

Your child also needs pediatric dentistry in Huntsville AL should they begin to experience a cavity. If your child is complaining of tooth pain or sensitivity, you need to take them to the dentist right away. A cavity can quickly progress in a child’s tooth, because the teeth are much smaller than adult teeth. These cavities can also spread to the other teeth and can affect the gum health. With prompt care of a cavity, your child’s adult teeth can be protected from damage.

Finally, your child also needs to see the dentist when an injury occurs. During play, your child could experience a broken, chipped, cracked or even knocked out tooth. When this happens, prompt dental care can often save the tooth. For more information, visit  They can provide your child with all of the services needed for a healthy smile.