Why Seeing the Dentist In Stratford CT Keeps Your Teeth Healthy

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Dentist

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Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is of utmost importance to the health of your smile and even to the health of the rest of your body. Studies have recently linked heart disease with gum disease, making it more important than ever to make sure your oral health is not compromised. One of the most important measures you can take to keep your smile healthy is brushing and flossing as often as you should. Ideally, this should be after each meal, but should definitely be carried out at least twice a day. Along with proper oral hygiene, you need to make sure you see the dentist when you should. Those who see their dentist on a regular basis are able to avoid many of the oral health concerns that can cause damage to the teeth and gums, eventually leading to tooth loss. To keep your smile healthy, seeing the Dentist In Stratford CT is imperative.

How to Avoid Dental Problems By Seeing the Dentist In Stratford CT

Gum disease is one of the conditions that can wreak havoc with your oral health. Gum disease starts off as a mild form of Gingivitis and will eventually progress to Periodontitis. If left untreated, this gum disease will cause problems with your gum health, creating pockets full of infection around your teeth. As these pockets become full of infection, they will pull the gum tissue down and expose the root structures of your teeth. This causes loosening of the teeth and they will eventually fall out. To avoid this condition, it can be helpful to have regular dental visits and cleanings. This will allow the dentist to monitor the health of your gums.

Cavities in the teeth are also a major problem. Cavities can easily be avoided with proper oral hygiene procedures and regular dental care. With routine dental care every six months, cavities can be found early on and treated before they become major sources of damage for your tooth. Through X-rays and examinations, the dentist can find a cavity long before it even begins to present any symptoms.

To schedule your appointment for a preventative care dental examination, contact Larry I Gottlieb DDS Stratford CT. He can provide you with many different dental services, to keep your smile healthy.