Windows in Ann Arbor, MI Let the Sunshine Inside

Home owners who are interested in improving the exterior look of their home and lowering their energy bills have found that having new windows installed was a good value. New windows in winters can keep out cold temperatures and chilly drafts, and the same windows not only help block extra heat in the summer, but also protect against harmful UV rays from the sun. New windows made of vinyl won’t have rust or easily get dents like aluminum windows, and they won’t get chipping paint and start to warp like wooden windows. They have a more finished look, and they upgrade the look of the home’s exterior.

They also improve your enjoyment from the inside, too. There are a few window options that are a little different from the typical single-hung or double-hung window: bay windows, bow windows, and garden windows. Bay and bow windows are a little wider in size so they let a lot of sunshine in, and garden windows, while they may be narrow, angle outward to take advantage of sun in small spaces. In today’s real estate market, many buyers are looking for a more open plan inside the house, and they like a lot of light coming in the windows. Larger windows can definitely give a smaller room a more open and airy feel.

Bay and bow windows both protrude out from the wall. Bay windows usually have a fixed pane in the middle, with angled panes on either side of the middle one. The entire window may be made of three to five sections of panes. The outer sections may either be single-hung or double-hung, or they may be vented windows that have hinges on either side to let them open outward. The difference between bay and bow windows is that the middle section on bay windows is usually fixed in place, whereas on a bow window, the middle section can open just like the side sections.

Vinyl garden windows are a great way to create a large, sunny window in a small space. They’re used a lot in kitchens, right above the kitchen sink, because they create a large platform where you can easily grow an herb garden or colorful plants to brighten up the kitchen. The window protrudes out so that the angled pane at the top of the window allows a lot of sunlight inside. Visit the website for more information.