Your Work Comp Attorney in Athens is There for You

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Uncategorized

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Any time that you have been injured in the workplace, you need to contact a Work Comp Attorney in Athens. After all, you don’t want to deal with your employer who is going to work hard to make sure that you don’t get any more money than absolutely necessary. This can be very frustrating because you do have health problems because of this accident and you are expected to continue to work. Rather than stressing about how you are going to get through this on your own, turn your problems over to an attorney who is going to protect your rights.

Your attorney will sit down and talk with you about your case. He will expect you to tell him the exact details of everything that happened. He will want to know whether or not it was caused due to faulty machinery or if it was something else that could has been prevented. Either way, don’t make any assumptions without talking to your attorney.

Contact The Monk Law Firm as soon as you have finished that your first doctors appointment. Keep in mind, the longer you put things off, the worse off things are going to be. Your attorney will contact your employer as soon as possible and find out how they are willing to take care of this. If for some reason your employer is not willing to help, your attorney may take things to the judge.

Never try to handle a situation such as this on your own. It can be very confusing and you don’t want to lose your job just because you didn’t want to hire a Work Comp Attorney in Athens. Your attorney knows how to talk to your employer to convince them to give you the money that you are asking for. If necessary, your attorney won’t hesitate to take your problems to the judge. Your attorney is going to be very aggressive so that you can get these medical bills paid. Hopefully, you don’t have any serious problems with your health. If you do, you may be looking at a lifetime of struggles. You need an attorney to help you to be compensated for your bills.