A Body Shop in Winchester VA Can Restore Your Car to Its Original Beauty and Safety

by | Apr 22, 2014 | Parts and Accessories

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Your vehicle is more than a symbol of achievement, it is also your method of getting to work, running errands, taking kids to activities, so when the vehicle has been in an accident the family is at a loss to understand how they will get from one place to another. If the car was badly damaged in an accident, then the loss is even more disturbing to everybody.

Getting the vehicle restored to its original condition is important and finding the right collision shop to do this adds to the trauma of the accident. You want a collision shop where an artistic effort is put forth toward restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident look. Collision repair is a work of art because the fit and finish is more art than mechanical effort. Repairing the mechanical parts is essential to making the car run again, but the beauty of the vehicle is what you will see everyday and that is the paint work and the body repairs.

The auto body shop in Winchester VA is committed to repairing your vehicle. If the vehicle sustained any mechanical damage, then the collision shop will address each repair and make certain the mechanical systems are fully functional and safe. OEM parts will be used unless the insurance company specifies otherwise. Of course, you will have the option of paying for the difference in cost to get the OEM parts. However, the collision shop will endeavor to get the best part available if an alternative part must be used.

Every vehicle is examined by a qualified and experienced estimator when the vehicle is brought in. There are many parts which are not visible, and parts of the body will have to be disassembled to see these parts. Thus, the first estimate may be amended to include other parts.

The car manufactures do not sell paint, so the Body Shop in Winchester VA obtains the PPG High Performance Envirobase paint system. The vehicle’s color code is located on the vehicle. This information will be entered into a computer which will analyze it and provide the formula for mixing it. A spectrophotometer is used to help match your car’s color, but the collision shop in Winchester VA doesn’t stop here;the tone in the colors will be observed by spraying test panels which ensures the color matches before it is applied to your vehicle.