A Reputable Walk In Medical Clinic In NY

by | Oct 18, 2013 | health care

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Seeking medical attention from your primary physician is not always possible. Typically, your doctor’s office has set office hours during the week, adn are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Well, people do get sick or have accidents on the weekends, and need to seek medical attention. For those situations, you can visit a Walk In Medical Clinic In NY. There are many around the city, one in particular is Stat Health Urgent Care Center. Open seven days a week, Stat Health is equipped with medical doctors to tend to your needs. You will not be seen by a PA, Nurse Practitioner, or a resident in training. These are licensed and experienced doctors that will give you the attention you need.

Stat Health Urgent Care Center is open seven days a week and is available for patients without any appointments. The clinic serves its patients on a first come first serve basis. The doctors adn staff are able to handle many cases ranging from colds, flu, bronchitis, sprains, fractures, rashes, and so much more. Not only do they treat patients, but they can administer vaccinations as well as immunizations, and school and sports physicals for your kids.

If you are looking for a Walk In Medical Clinic In NY to service you and your family in time of need, look no further than Stat Health Urgent Care Center. They specialize in all ages, from infants to senior citizens. You can rest assured that you will receive the medical attention you need when you are seen by one of their doctors. Their clinics are well kept and have state of the art technology to determine whatever symptoms are bothering you. With five current locations, and four more on the way, Stat Urgent Care Center is located all over the state of New York.

Getting the medical attention you need from your primary physician or pediatrician is not always available. Fortunately, Stat Urgent Care Centers are available seven days a week, no appointments necessary. Walk in to one of these clinics located near you to receive professional medical attention so that you can be on your way to feeling better again.