Is an annual eye exam really necessary?

by | Jan 7, 2014 | health care

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Most doctors recommend that eye exams in Cambridge MA be conducted every year; however there are many that feel this is excessive, is an annual eye exam really a necessity? Let’s have a look;

Is an annual eye exam necessary?

It actually is a good idea. It must be understood that an eye test is much more than just checking your vision, it also is a test of your neurological function, the pressure on your eyes, muscle co-ordination and a time to check on the internal and external health of the eyes.

How about kids, do they need it as well?

Indeed, your children should also have an annual eye exam. A pediatrician usually conducts vision tests when the child reaches a year or so, looking for possible eye problems. If you come from a family that has a history of childhood eye disorders then you should take your child to a pediatric ophthalmologist for a comprehensive examination. As eye sight is an absolute necessity to avoid learning problems, once your child has entered school annual eye exams should be conducted.

Annual exam for adults:

If a person does not have a family history of eye problems and has good vision then eye exams in Cambridge MA every two or three years is sufficient up to the age of 40. We are all living in a world where considerable stress is put on our eyes what with computers, cell phones, etc. If you sense that your vision is not quite right, even though you are not yet 40, schedule an appointment as soon as possible. If, after 40 you find yourself wearing glasses and your corrective lenses work well, then you can probably have an eye exam every 18 months but if you do start to notice changes, then you have reached the point where an annual exam is a good idea.

Annual exam for older adults:

At about the age of 60 or even before, there is an increased risk of developing such eye problems as glaucoma, cataracts and other diseases. At this age, an annual exam becomes a necessity.

As vision is one of the most precious senses it stands to reason that eye exams in Cambridge MA are intended to keep the eyes in the best shape possible.

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