Choose the Best Retirement Community for Your Loved Ones

by | Aug 2, 2014 | Senior Center

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When your loved one is ready to move out of their home and into a retirement community, there are a number of things to research before you settle on a new home. Some of the things to consider are levels of care, proximity to private doctors, recreational activities and amenities.

Level of Care

The best retirement communities are able to care for seniors who need varying levels of care. Many people move into retirement homes while they are active and able to do many things for themselves. As they get older, though, your loved ones may need additional help with mobility or may even develop symptoms of memory loss. When you choose a retirement community that offers various levels of care, your loved one will be able to get the assistance they need without having to move to another facility.

Proximity to Doctors

If your loved ones want to keep their doctors after they move into a retirement community, it is important to choose a facility that is close enough to allow them to easily get to and from their appointments. Some communities offer transportation for medical care while others have doctors on staff.


The Best Retirement Community for your loved one is one that offers a variety of activities that they enjoy. Whether your loved ones play golf, do aerobics or are avid social network users, there should be plenty of things for them to do on-site. Most retirement communities have at least one staff member dedicated to recreational activities for residents.


The Best Retirement Community for your loved one is one that offers amenities that make their new home as comfortable as their old home. Some amenities to look for include a beauty salon or barber shop, a fitness center, a library, a swimming pool and a movie theater. Many retirement homes are self-contained communities that residents don’t have to leave to find something fun to do.

Be sure to tour several retirement communities are observe some of the residents. Look around to see how residents spend their time. If your loved one is active, they may be more comfortable in a community where residents are moving around and participating in the myriad of activities offered by the staff.