Shopping For Liquor Products Online Vs. In The Store

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Business

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People now have the option to purchase beer, wine, and liquor products from either local liquor shops or popular online retailers. It may sound a bit questionable to purchase alcohol from a website, but as long as the consumer has done his/her research, it’s perfectly safe. For many users, it’s actually the preferred option. The key is knowing whether or not a website is reputable and licensed to sell alcohol. The same rules for a local store apply to an online market. Each option has its pros and cons for the average consumer or enthusiast.

The benefit of a shop, like Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors Inc., is the people-friendly atmosphere. Internet users need to be increasingly suspicious about online product reviews. If a website’s reviews all look eerily similar, then they have probably been typed by a computer automated program to increase the site’s appeal. While some people might be equally skeptical about salesman and store clerks, people at stores can easily show customers to a different bottle and help them price check.

Another benefit of shopping inside a store is the absence of delivery. It’s natural for consumers who are purchasing alcohol on the internet to be somewhat wary about the shipping process. Consumers might ask themselves, “What if the wine isn’t packaged correctly and it breaks during shipping? Or what if the bottle becomes lost in the mail?” Before purchasing from an online retailer, users should always research the site’s return and refund policy. Some websites even list their packaging standards.

One reason that consumers might prefer an online shop relates to alcohol taxes. Liquor products, for instance, might be heavily taxed in one area making it more popular to purchase from an out-of-state provider. As of 2014, the United States Tax Foundation reported that the state of Washington had the highest tax per gallon causing residents to look to Idaho and Oregon for alcohol purchases. Other reasons to shop online may include price comparison tools, a greater selection of products, or local zoning laws. Some consumers have even admitted that they prefer shopping online, because it helps them establish and stick to a budget when shopping for alcohol whereas visits to the store can easily incur a large bill. Check out our videos on Youtube.