Commercial Door Hardware in Nashville, TN Keeps Keeps A Business and Its Employees Safe

by | Nov 19, 2013 | Safety and Security

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Business owners have many decisions to make when they buy doors for their building. There are several types of Commercial Door Hardware Nashville TN that they can choose from. These include hollow metal doors, steel doors and fire resistant wood doors. Unfortunately today’s business owners have to think about the safety of their staff, clients or customers in a variety of potentially violent scenarios. Hollow metal doors provide safety from an assailant because they are bullet resistant. They will give employees time to call the police or take other precautions. They are also fire resistant which will give people more time to leave the building safely.

Exit devices are required to help people leave a building quickly. Everyone, including children and people with disabilities, must be able to easily open the door in a single motion. A panic bar is the easiest way to facilitate this requirement. These regulations ensure that people can rush against a door and open it immediately. In a panic situation it prevents people from being trampled. The exit doors must open easily even in the dark. However, fire and other safety officials understand that these doors have to be kept locked from the outside to prevent other security issues from arising.

Door closers partner with panic bars to ensure that doors easily open in emergencies. On a daily basis they are used to open and close doors. Because they close automatically, they help keep room temperatures stable. The can be mounted on the surface of the door frame or be concealed in wall frame, floor, or even the door itself. The work on both metal or wood doors and can be manual or automatic.

It can be difficult for a business owner to know the best Commercial Door Hardware Nashville TN for their specific needs. They can call Nashville Door Closer, Inc. and the staff will be happy to help the choose the best exit devices. Trained locksmiths can also perform the installation for them. That will help them understand the products that are available. They will be in a better position to make an informed decision regarding the right door for their business.

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