The Advantages of a Granite Countertop

by | Nov 19, 2013 | Home Improvement

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There is no higher quality stone material that you can choose for a countertop for a kitchen or bath countertop. Granite is a material that is the result of hot magma from deep in the earth and is one of the strongest natural materials next to diamond. As a matter of fact, the only material that is used to polish granite and to cut it is diamond. You can see why granite countertops in Nashville, TN are favored for modern homes.

There is little that can blemish granite, they are difficult to scratch, they will not crack or blister if a hot pot is placed on it, they are resistant to stains and waterproof. There is little that will have an effect on granite; the material is even resistant to the growth of bacteria. Granite countertops in Nashville, TN are easy to maintain and keep clean, all it takes is mild soap and warm water and they clean perfectly. For rolling pastry dough, nothing beats granite. With all these benefits, they even are cost effective as they add value to your home.

Granite countertops are the most expensive of all countertops and once it has been decided to install granite, it all must be done at one time as granite patterns are unique and can never be duplicated later. Granite is cut from one slab which comes from one quarry; there are no two slabs alike. As the material is very heavy, the decision to use it must be made early as the counter carcasses must be constructed to accept the additional weight.

For the homeowner who wants the durability and beauty of granite but cannot afford a slab, then granite tiles are often an ideal alternative. They are simple to lay, no different than any ceramic tile. Although a tile surface has many of the same features as a slab, the price is considerably less, as much as 60 percent. The cost of installation is also much lower.

Although it is a granite tile countertop don’t think you will be missing out. You can enjoy the same natural beauty from granite that comes from many different places throughout the world. Every quarry and area has something unique.

The natural beauty of granite countertops is available from Celtic Marble & Granite in Nashville, TN. Contact them to discuss your kitchen or bath ideas.