Conserving Water With Lawn Irrigation in Grand Rapids

by | Nov 6, 2013 | Construction & Maintenance

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Although water is in abundance on Earth, the reality is that there is less than 1% available for humans to consume and use for many necessary activities. The other 99% is salt water. Conserving water has become a primary goal in recent years, and many companies and communities have participated in the global effort to reduce the amount of water wasted daily, and consumers make a variety of smart choices that contribute to conserving local water supplies. Installing Lawn Irrigation in Grand Rapids is a good investment that not only conserves water, it saves consumers money on their water bills as well.

A significant amount of water is used by consumers for outdoor use, and it is significantly higher in the summer months specifically for watering lawns. Often the majority of water used in a home is more for watering the lawn than for showers or cooking. Lawn Irrigation in Grand Rapids conserves a significant amount of water by installing sprinkler systems engineered to use water efficiently. When consumers water their lawns manually, they often over water them, whereas sprinkler systems do not. When consumers conserve water, it decreases the amount of energy needed to make clean water available in the home, and to process water that has been wasted.

Sandersen & DeHaan provide custom lawn irrigation systems that distribute the right amount of water to maintain the beauty of their customers lawns, and to water the soil sufficiently to nurture their growth and keep their rich color. Each lawn is configured differently and has a variety of plants and flowers that have specific needs. Professional installers examine their customers properties to determine a system that will water each area adequately. They also consider the normal weather conditions of their location, and the type of soil. They use the highest quality products to create custom lawn irrigation systems, and offer their customers free estimates to create an affordable sprinkler system.

Sandersen & DeHaan lawn irrigation systems save customers time by taking over the responsibility for watering their lawns consistently, and they continue to maintain their lawns when they are away from home as well. A great looking lawn adds style to a home. It creates an atmosphere that makes a home more appealing, and gives it a well-maintained look without any costly renovations. Water conservation is the key to a better future, and an efficient sprinkler system contributes to a greener environment.