Get Your Home Ready for Your Mover

by | May 20, 2015 | Moving & Relocating

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Moving can be a stressful time when you are not adequately prepared. It can be very hectic when you are faced with moving to a new city or town. To make this time in your life easier, it’s helpful to use the services of a Mover. To help them do the job they are hired to perform, it’s advisable to have your home ready for their arrival. Use the following guidelines to do this task.

About a week before moving day, thoroughly read your contract even if you have done so already. This will enable you to know what your responsibilities are and what they are supposed to do. Even if they are supposed to pack for you, make sure you know who will provide the packing materials. Call the Mover when you have questions or concerns.

Before they arrive, ensure that there is ample parking room for the moving truck and additional vehicles to be used in your relocation. All pathways into your home should be clear of toys, lawn furniture and other obstacles. Ensure that all electrical appliances and electrical gadgets are ready to be moved. Don’t wait until they arrive to take food out of your freezer. The cords should be secured with nylon ties or touch fasteners. When you are responsible for packing, have your items ready to be moved. Place labeled boxes in groups that are easy to access.

To make the relocation comfortable for everyone, keep the air conditioner on until you are completely moved out of your old residence. For a summer move, provide fans to cool the rooms. Use one or two space heaters to warm your home during a winter move. Provide lost-cost snacks and bottled water for them. Designate an area for them to eat and rest.

By getting your home ready for them, you will be able to form a mutually beneficial rapport with these professionals. Since they are handling your assets, this will encourage them to use care during the relocation. For more information on moving services, please speak to a specialist at Action Moving Services Inc. This moving company can handle moving services for commercial and residential customers. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.