Helpful Tips for Hiring Local Movers in Irvine, CA

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Moving Services

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No matter how you get it done, moving is an extremely stressful process. If you’re at the point where you could scream if you look at your packing list one more time, then perhaps it’s time for you to try a different moving strategy. Instead of piling all of the responsibilities onto your plate, you should consider hiring local movers to help you out. If you’ve never had to hire movers before, keep reading to learn some great tips to help get you started.

Do a Walk-Through

Before you hire local movers in Irvine, CA, do a walk-through with them. Make sure that they’re taking inventory of the things you would like to have moved. A reliable moving company will make sure that they ask plenty of questions when it comes to your needs and specifications. If the company you’re speaking with seems uninterested in what you’d like, move on to the next company.

Don’t Sign a Blank Contract

If the local movers you hire are writing everything down that you need to have moved, then they should have absolutely no problem giving you an itemized contract. If they hand you a blank contract, hand it right back to them. Safe Way Moving & Storage will always make sure that you know what you’re paying for and how much money it will cost you.

Protect Your Valuables

Even the most qualified local movers can drop things on rare occasion so make sure that you have insurance coverage on your most valued possessions.

Nobody likes moving. It’s frustrating and it’s exhausting but with the right local movers helping you out, you can put the stress and some of the responsibility into more capable hands. Just remember to make your needs clear as well as your deadline and everything will go as smoothly as possible!