If You Have Been Involved In A Truck Accident Call a Lawyer in Wichita

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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The roads are frequently filled with accidents involving cars vs. trucks. They are at their worst when the truck is an 18 wheel semi truck. These trucks usually cause someone serious injury. People tend to forget that these trucks cannot stop on a dime, and they attempt to cut them off, pull in front of them or other bad decisions. Many times, it is the truck driver who receives the most serious injuries because he will try to make the most evasive maneuver to avoid hitting another vehicle, causing injury to himself. If you have been in an accident with a truck, you may want to contact a Truck Accident Lawyer in Wichita.

You may have a fight on your hands to get any type of reasonable settlement from the large trucking companies. They have their own Truck Accidents Attorney who knows the ropes and how to pull yours. The Federal Government has established safety laws regarding the trucking companies. If it can be proven that the truck driver violated one of the regulations “intentionally”, they may be liable for damages. These laws are as follows:

  • Unqualified truck drivers (no CDL license)
  • Improperly maintained trucks (most major companies have the trucks in for maintenance on a regular basis)
  • Physical and mental conditions of drivers (check the driver’s log book, has he/she been on the road too long without rest)
  • Negligent trucking companies (working without obeying the rules, forcing the drivers to also break the rules)

Most drivers are top quality drivers and can be trusted on the roads, but only a Truck Accident Lawyer in Wichita can truly lead an investigation, or follow through on an investigation of what exactly happened at the accident. Your attorneys will not allow you to be bullied by the truck industry insurance company to sign a waiver relieving them from responsibility.

Never sign any paper work without first getting the approval of your attorney. You will have power against you, and if you are injured, you could be easily confused by the different things people say to you. You need to trust your Truck Accident Lawyer in Wichita; let him/her worry about the details of fighting with insurance companies. In the meantime, rest, work on your rehab, and focus on getting yourself healthy. Read more