Importance Of A Family Dentist in Camp Hill, PA

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Dentistry

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Taking care of your teeth is paramount to your health. Many people aren’t aware of the fact that their mouth can actually make them sick, can become life threatening, and must be taken care of. If you think about it, your mouth brings in all kinds of parasites just when you eat regular foods! If you don’t brush, your teeth get a buildup of plaque. Disease can follow and affect your entire being, not just your mouth. This is the where the importance Of A Family Dentist in Camp Hill, PA comes in to play.

Regular visits to a family dentist in Camp Hill PA visits may seem like a high expense, but if you visit your dentist bi-annually, chances are there will be minimal damage to fix. The regular checkups are how you maintain accountability for you and your family where oral health is concerned. A regular visit updates you on how your teeth are doing, and the dentist will tell you and your children when they are running into too much sugar or plaque build-up, so you know to back off on the sweets.

Generally a 6 month checkup will help you maintain excellent oral health, leading to better health overall. Any problems like cavities can be nipped in the bud before they do any real damage. Preventative checkups are the most important part. Our teeth, gums, and overall mouth have an incredibly resilient nature, but it needs your help to maintain it.

When we do get a cavity, it doesn’t manifest itself overnight or even over days. Often this cavity forms as a pinhole sized hole (not black, just a hole in the enamel). Over time, this hole continues to be eaten away by the acids in foods and that sugars cause. If you brush everyday like you’re supposed to, it could take weeks, months, even sometimes years before this cavity will get out of hand. This is why people don’t realize they have a problem; because you can’t see them, especially if they are hidden between teeth. Even with good brushing, this hole will slowly deteriorate the enamel in your teeth until it becomes painful and could cause infections. Get regular check-ups so you can battle cavities before they take a foothold on your health!

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